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AP Preparation AP班

大家好!我叫邱屿。从2002年起在中文学校执教至今,2013至2020年在九年级任教,之后是AP预备班。平时我在兰辛学区的Post Oak Academy 初中部教社会学和设计两门课。欢迎来到我的班级,我们一起快乐学习,共同进步!


Hello! My name is Yu Qiu. I have been teaching at Spartan Chinese School since 2002. After teaching 9th grade for 7 years, I started the AP class. On weekdays I work at Post Oak Academy in Lansing School District, teaching Social Studies and Design in the Middle School section. Welcome to my class, We will have a blast learning together!




我出生自中国,在新加坡学习工作,大学毕业后成为了一名当地学校的中文教师。近几年搬来美国,目前在MSU 的教育学院读研和实习。相信每个学生都有梦想,并帮助他们实现梦想是我决定成为老师的原因。希望在中文学校里我可以继续发热,为海外的中文教育出一份力!


Hi everyone! My name is Yakun Zhang. Before I came to the states, I spent my life equally in two countries. I was born and raised in China and lived and worked in Singapore. I became a Chinese and English teacher in Singapore after I received my degree at Nanyang Technological University. 


I am a second-year student in the Chinese certification program and MATC. I just finished my first-year internship in the Lansing school district and am going into my second year when the school year restarts. I believe every student has a goal, and I want to help them achieve it. Therefore, I hope to do my best to help our students in the Spartan Chinese School to excel in Chinese and every aspect of their life.


Spartan Chinese School

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