Biography of Current Committee Members


​柳扬帆 Yangfan Liu


大家好!我是柳扬帆,一名人类遗传学博士和主攻儿童心理健康的初级注册社会工作硕士。在斯巴达中文学校,我希望以少年儿童为对象,以语言为载体,以文化为内容,以培养自我认同感为目标,为建设自信、 团结、开放、自强的在美华人群体略尽绵薄之力。


Hello, everyone! I am Yangfan (Phoebe) Liu, a Doctor of Philosophy in human genetics and a Limited Licensed Master Social Worker (LLMSW) focusing on the mental health of children. At Spartan Chinese School, I focus my efforts on the cultural education of our youth through language teaching, in order to build their healthy self-identity, and hence a confident, united, open, and self-fulfilled Chinese American community.

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​骆利峰 Lifeng Luo

Vice Principal/Academic Affairs


I grew up in Xi'an and went to Peking University before coming to the US for graduate school.  I am now an associate professor at Michigan State University.  My daughter will attend Spartan Chinese School when she is old enough, and she loves the Chinese language and culture even at a very young age. 

​席艳 Yan Xi


我现在在HBE,LLP 会计师事务所工作。我的大女儿2020年5月刚刚从斯巴达中文学校毕业。小女儿目前就读于斯巴达中文学校。

I work as a senior accountant for HBE, LLP. My older daughter just graduated from Spartan Chinese School in May 2020 and my younger daughter is a current student in Spartan Chinese School.

谢辉蓉 Huirong Xie

Activity Coordinator


Hello! I’m a faculty member currently working in Transgenic and Genome Facility at Michigan State University. I was born in Hubei and had lived in Beijing, Tennessee, Ohio before I came to Michigan 5 years ago. Being away from my hometown for so many years, I felt that Chinese school is not only a place for my son to learn Chinese, but also an excellent platform to bring us together. I appreciate those who worked for it previously and currently, so I’m happy to have the opportunity to serve it as well.

​周璟 Jing Zhou




Hi everyone! My name is Jing Zhou and I was born and raised in Shanghai China. This is my Ninth year at MSU. I came here for college and have earned my Bachelor's in Animal Science, Master’s in Zoology, Master’s in Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Behavior. I am currently working on my doctoral degree in Planning, Design and Construction. My goal is to create a new era of exhibit and welfare design. It is my honor to work for Spartan Chinese School and to promote the welfare of our Chinese American Community. 

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