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Biography of Current Committee Members


李韧 Ren Li


大家好!我叫李韧。我目前在杰克逊人寿保险公司工作。 我来自四川。 麻辣烫和火锅是我家乡的味道。很高兴能有机会在中文学校为大家服务,我目标就是尽力支持所有的老师,家长和学生。让我们共同努力,帮助我们的孩子在中文学校快乐地成长。


Hello everyone! I am currently working at Jackson National Life Insurance. I come from Sichuan. Spicy foods and hot pots are the tastes of my hometown. It is my pleasure to serve at Spartan Chinese School. The goal of my role is to support all the teachers, parents, and students. Let's work together to help everyone grow at Spartan Chinese School.


​郝志芳 Zhifang Hao

Academic Affairs

我叫郝志芳,住在East Lansing。 我有两个上中文学校的孩子。我来自中国的山西,在南京大学完成硕士学位,随老公来到美国。后就读于MSU 教育学院,获得了教中文和小学全科的教师资格证。这是我第六年在中文学校兼职。我的全职工作也是一名老师。我在Lansing的一所双语公立学校教五年级的学生的中文,数学和科学。很高兴能有机会为孩子们服务,陪伴他们一起学中文。如果大家需要学习中文的资源,或者有什么问题可以发邮件给我。

My name is Hao Zhifang, and I live in East Lansing. I have two children who attend a Chinese school. I am originally from Shanxi, China, and I completed my master's degree at Nanjing University. I came to the United States with my husband. Later, I pursued my education at MSU College of Education and obtained a teaching certificate for teaching Chinese and elementary subjects. This is my sixth year working part-time at Chinese school. My full-time job is also as a teacher. I teach Chinese, mathematics, and science to fifth-grade students at a bilingual public school in Lansing. I am delighted to have the opportunity to serve children and accompany them in learning Chinese. If anyone needs resources for learning Chinese or has any questions, please feel free to email me.


​刘鹏 Peng Liu

General Affairs

大家好!我是刘鹏,在MSU从事计算机工作,很高兴能在2023-2025学年在中文学校担任总务一职, 我会尽心努力的做好后勤保障工作。期待新的学期和大家见面!

Hi Everyone! My name is Lisa. I work for the IT department at MSU. I am excited to be in charge of General Affairs for Spartan Chinese School from 2023 to 2025. I will try my best to succeed in this position. Looking forward to seeing you in school.


潘冬翔 Dongxiang Pan

Activity Coordinator


Hello, my name is Dongxiang Pan. I graduated from The University of Queensland, Australia, majoring in Food Science and Technology. I feel honored to volunteer our Spartan Chinese School during the academic year of 2023-2025. I’ll be responsible for event planning. Please feel free to reach me out if you have any wonderful ideas about school activities!

Spartan Chinese School

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