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Bibliography 教师自我介绍

3rd Grade 三年级



Hello! I'm Huang Zhongjie, a student majoring in education at Michigan State University. I have been working at the Spartan Chinese School for two years now. I firmly believe that the most effective way to learn a language is by using it. In my classroom, I am dedicated to guiding students to fall in love with learning Chinese and using it through daily conversations. I am very much looking forward to exploring the joy of learning Chinese and growing together with my classmates in the upcoming school year.


大家好,我是何岱瑾 何老师。我从18年在中文学校任教4年级,之后任教3年级。我喜欢和学生们一起思考讨论,探索学习和阅读的趣味,学生们的奇思妙想使我热爱教学。休息的时间我喜欢探索美食,观赏密西根的自然风光。


Hi all, My name is Daijin He, He Laoshi. I taught in Spartan Chinese School since 2018 in 4th grade, then taught 3rd grade. I love to discuss with students, discovering the fun meaning of learning and reading. Students' innovative thoughts bring me enthusiasm in teaching. At leisure time, I like to cook and enjoy the beautiful scene in Michigan. 


Spartan Chinese School

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