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Bibliography 教师自我介绍

5th Grade 五年级

这是我第五年在中文学校教中文。我也在Post Oak Academy教六,七,八年级的中文和数学。很高兴能有机会认识大家,和孩子们一些学习、进步、成长!



This is the fifth year I have worked in Spartan Chinese School. I work at Post Oak Academy, too. I teach Chinese and Math in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. It is so glad to meet everyone. I hope that my students and I can learn together and make progress every day!

Interest is the best teacher. It is very important to establish a good teacher-student relationship and intrigue students in learning Chinese. Language learning is not something that can be accomplished overnight. In addition to interest, it is also vital to provide a resourceful, positive, productive environment for students' learning. More learning opportunities and practice can make students' Chinese get better easily.


Spartan Chinese School

Est. 1992

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