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Bibliography 教师自我介绍

8th Grade 八年级

大家好,我叫何丽玉,从2012年起在中文学校任教,曾担任过五年级、四年级和八年级的主课老师,这是我在中文学校的第十年(2012-2022)。在完成MSU教育系课程设计与教学的研究生课程后,我考取了K-12中文教师资格证,平时我在兰辛学区的东部高中教9-12年级的中文IB课程(IB MYP&DP)。欢迎来到我的中文课堂,共同探讨&开启趣味快乐的中文学习之旅!


Hello everyone, my name is Liyu He. I have been teaching at Spartan Chinese school since 2012. I have served as the lead teacher for grades 5, 4 and 8. This is my 10th year at the Chinese school (2012-2022). After completing the graduate course in Curriculum design and Teaching from MSU- Department of Education, I obtained the K-12 Chinese Teaching Certificate. On workdays, I teach 9th-12th grade Chinese IB programs at Lansing Eastern High School. Welcome to my Chinese Class. Let’s have a fun and engaging Chinese learning journey together!


Spartan Chinese School

Est. 1992

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