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Bibliography 代课教师自我介绍


Hi, my name is Kewei Huang, a junior majoring in education at Michigan State University. As a supply teacher. I think human effort is the decisive factor; human effort can achieve anything. Now, let’s learn some interesting and practical knowledge, and we think about the time we work together, we will see success and miracles.







Hello everyone, my name is Yufei Chu, and I am very happy to join the big family of Spartan Chinese School. Interest is the best teacher. Let us cultivate students' great interest in a limited time, develop unlimited potential, and let students soar in the world of Chinese!

On the riverside of the red cedars, you can develop the habit of methods and norms for human life and learning.

At every 10:30 on Sunday, we meet in Chinese school.

The charm of Chinese is boundless, and reading is the first.

If you want to be smooth in spoken Chinese, we need to practice words and sentences everywhere all the time.


大家好,我是曾思斯。我是post oak的一名实习老师,同时在密歇根州立大学的硕士项目就读。期待今后和同学们一起快乐学习!


Hi everyone, I'm Sisi Zeng. I am a intern teacher at post oak and I am also enrolled in the master's program of Teaching and Curriculum at Michigan State University. I look forward to learning with my students and having fun in the future!


Spartan Chinese School

Est. 1992

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