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Volunteers needed


1) The School needs 2 parent volunteers, to come to school 15 minutes before the class starts, measure the body temperature of all teachers and students before entering until 10:30 am when the class starts. If the volunteer has a contactless thermometer, that would be even better. Any parent who is willing to help with this duty and/or lend a contactless thermometer to the School, please reply to this email.

2) Considering some students may have difficulty with their Chinese homework, the School plan to organize a Chinese Homework Mutual Support Group among the students. This is still in the stage of brainstorming and will need student and parent volunteers. If you and/or your child(ren) are interested in this group, no matter you want to help or need help with the Chinese homework, please fill this form.


3) Our students have limited extracurricular Chinese reading materials. but each family may have some, so the School hopes that each class can develop a Chinese book-sharing culture and system. To build this system, 1 student or parent (student is preferred for higher grades) volunteer is needed as the class librarian, to coordinate the borrowing, to keep the record, and to remind the returning. The school will organize and support the librarians in all classes to discuss and decide how to make this system work. If you or your child are interested in being the librarian for his/her class or even lead this book-sharing system of the whole school, please email to


All the volunteer contributions by the students and parents within the School will be recorded for your volunteer hours, leading to a possible President Volunteer Service Award. More details can be found on our website.

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