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Hello, everyone. I'm Ma Lingxiao, a graduate student of MSU Chinese Education. I am honored to participate in the family of Spartan Chinese School. Look forward to the future that can be accompanied by Chinese and happy counterparts! Let's go to experience, to keep the enthusiasm, to pursue the ideal and light on the road of international Chinese!

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Hello, everyone. I am Luo Bangju, an MSU School of Social Sciences and Education graduate. I am pleased to join the Spartan Chinese School family. I look forward to experiencing new challenges, experiencing different cultures, and discovering more possibilities with everyone. Let's maintain this passion together and move towards a more exciting future together!




Hello everyone! I am Joy Deng!Interest is the best teacher, and the richness and fun of Chinese can give you enough interest points; Education is illuminating life with life, and teaching and learning complement each other so that we can learn from children.  The richness, fun, and wisdom of Chinese will bring you surprises in life, as well as allow you to meet more friends and better yourself. Looking forward to becoming friends with classmates and teachers in Chinese schools, and even more looking forward to gaining more wisdom and flashing memory in international Chinese teaching and learning.


Spartan Chinese School

Est. 1992

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