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Hi! My name is Yingyan Liu. I believe that a good relationship between students and teachers serves as the cornerstone when it comes to students’ interest and desire to learn. I work to build a good relationship with my students, with a goal that they will look at me as not only a teacher, but also a friend. I also believe that the best way to learn a language is to use a language, therefore, I will integrate daily conversations into my lessons. I look forward to an interesting and interactive language learning experience with my little friends!





Hello, everyone. I'm Ma Lingxiao, a graduate student of MSU Chinese Education. I am honored to participate in the family of Spartan Chinese School. Look forward to the future that can be accompanied by Chinese and happy counterparts! Let's go to experience, to keep the enthusiasm, to pursue the ideal and light on the road of international Chinese!

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Spartan Chinese School

Est. 1992

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